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VoIP (Voice over IP, H.323, SIP), TDM
Voice Services (Ingress, originating)
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0900 service numbers
SMS services
Geographic numbers
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International Premium Rate Services
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Professional Services
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Mobile Payment Solutions
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Switchless Reseller Services
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TELPORT Telecom Services, the international telecom operator for voice, voice-mobile, VoIP, data and professional services. We provide comprehensive telecommunication and White Labeling Services in several countries across  Europe, Middle East, United States, South America, Asia and Africa .

On its high-grade network TELPORT Telecom Services offers high quality, competitively priced services to carriers, ISP's, global service providers and reseller partne
rs for the B2B and consumer market. 

As reseller partner you can sell voice services without having your own switching or networking infrastructure. TELPORT Telecom Services offers high quality telephone service with competitive pricing and an order handling system that ensures efficient service delivery and billing processes.

Services is the premium quality provider for termination of your international telecommunication minutes. 
We provide A-Z voice termination through interconnections with Tier 1 Carriers, wholesale Providers and directs to several countries.

For originating services such as Carrier Select, 00800 Universal FreePhone, 0800, 0900, SMS and Geographic numbers we have access in more than 75 countries.

High ASR and ACD witness the high standard of our system.
The TELPORT Telecom Services network is supported by a 24/7 Network Operation Centre, ensuring the constant quality of our service.

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